Quality Policy Imprimer
Our customers expect the best from us : production quality, on-time deliveries, quick response, price competitiveness are their constant requirements.
MEGA P already reached a good level in these fields, but needs to constantly improve to maintain its reputation and to follow the market trends.

Our productions’ quality is the business of everyone in the company and must be a permanent concern. Our managers make sure it is always a priority and that all employees are in a position to keep high the quality level.
The follow-up of the deliveries to our customers has to be made accurately. They need to be informed whatever occurs.
We have to immediately answer to every demand of the customer and react knowing well the situation he faces. Therefore, we have to give the appropriate answer, even if changes in our habits, schedule or methods have to be set up.
Our prices reflect our quality but the way we stand before our competitors is the result of our own performance.
The performance must be our priority so that we go forward and make our business profitable.